Our Wild Story.

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to our Local Barre Studio “Wild & The Barre.” Let me tell you a little bit about us. My name is Natasha, I’m the founder of this place. But I would never be able to do this alone. The idea to create Barre studio came to me a couple years ago. I came to my first barre class and was so impressed by many different reasons. I liked the movements, how from one side they seem easy to do, but how effective they are. That is a unique powerful method for a full body workout. I felt my muscles and probably you

heard this before but if not, I guarantee that soon you will, that your body shakes, your legs shaking, you feel the strength of your body from the inside, every tiny muscle in your core, butt and arms. You are creating lean muscles like a ballerina. This happened to me, to the person who had never been able to stick to any kind of sport for a long time. I was always looking for something, trying new things, but I kept going. I have my background in finance and economics and every time coming to the barre class

I was thinking what I would do different? better? How can I use my life and work experience together with my passion for barre? Many different creations were building in my head until one day I felt enough strength and love to let it be. I talked to my husband and my brother and surprisingly they both supported me, and gave tremendous help. That’s how it all started. I truly believe that when you know what you want and not too scary to take risks it will come to you.

Why Wild & The Barre…?

I wanted to do something very special so badly, and I built a bright-minded team of professionals with different strengths. Of course we have wonderful teachers, who have not only experience in ballet and choreography, but charisma, sense of humor and a unique barre method. Always fun, safe and effective. Each of our trainers bring their own special flavor to the sessions, practice and teach Barre for all levels of ability and experience. My business advisor Amy helped a lot, sharing her experience and knowledge.

She launched over 45 studios that offer barre, yoga, TRX, bootcamp, boxing, cycling, dance, and more and really knows the best solutions and suggestions. Designer Igor from my home city of Moscow was working on creating the right atmosphere here, Why Barre? where you can be

yourself, be wild, strong and beautiful. Many other great professionals were helping us to do the best for you, too. If you're new to barre, there are a couple things I would love to share: “Barre, a fitness phenomenon based on stretches and strength-training exercises performed at a ballet barre. The workout is as challenging as it is effective at sculpting women’s bodies” says The Cut. Many small targeted movements with light weights or resistance. Definitely for everyone. Each barre method is a little bit different. We found the best when it blends ballet, dance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle resistance, alternating between isometric movements and cardio dance intervals, designed to burn 500-700 calories per class, while sculpting the body at the same time! Of course, we are closely following the original method by Barre’s creator, Lotte Berk.